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The Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA), is a long standing home-school association.  All parents and carers automatically join this body when their children join the school. 


The primary goal of the PTFA is to promote a sense of support, community and pride amongst our children, teachers, staff, parents and local community to further enhance a caring and nurturing environment for our children and their learning.


The PTFA strives to encourage positive relationships and experiences that enhance the children’s education through organising fun and family events throughout the year, and fundraising for larger (and smaller) items not included in school budgets.


Notre Dame is a Voluntary school.  This means that the States do not provide for the school buildings – this is the responsibility of the Diocese (i.e. all of us!).  [Please refer to the school’s prospectus available on the website for further information].




Being a member of the PTFA will give you lots of pleasure and enhance your family’s relationship with the school. Mums and Dads, Staff and Friends all combine as individuals to form a friendly school community and as Year 6 parents leave the school, so new Reception parents join.


Everyone is made welcome at any stage through their involvement with the school and it is never too late to get involved.  


Offering to help before events or at other times during the year is so valuable.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t help on a regular basis, or even if you can not come into school.  There are always jobs that can be done from home if you have half an hour to spare e.g. wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets, making pancakes, etc.


We really couldn’t achieve what we do without the 'behind the scenes' help that we receive. If you are available to help please let us know by either contacting a committee member or sending an email to:




The PTFA Committee consists of the Headteacher, Deputy Head and up to ten parents elected at the AGM each autumn.  (Parents may serve on the Committee for up to three years).


Committee meetings generally start at 7pm and last for just over 1 hour.  They are usually held in one of the classrooms every 4 to 6 weeks through school term.


This year’s committee (2020/2021):

Debbie Ingrouille (Chair); Colin Waterton (Vice Chair), Louise Manklow (Secretary); Derek Power (Treasurer), Mike Robin, Rianna Bailey and Rosa Teixeira.




Over the years the generosity of all those associated with the school has enabled the PTFA to donate many thousands of pounds to worthy projects.  People have been very creative in coming up with new ideas to run alongside the tried and trusted events.  All money raised goes directly towards providing resources for the children.  It helps to finance immediate and longer-term goals.


The PTFA has contributed computer equipment; library books; playground equipment; educational activities; plants and shrubs and sports events to name a few over the years.  The application of funds have been in an effort to improve the learning environment for our children.


If you have any suggestions on how we can raise funds please drop an email to:




PTFA are committed to run a number of events that raise money to fund new and ongoing projects as well ad-hoc school expenses that directly benefit our children. You can also get involved, especially if you are fond of a bit of shopping!


  • Easyfundraising

Notre Dame du Rosaire PTFA on the Easyfundraising website, so please sign up, and shop away! We receive a donation for every item you purchase online. So far we have raised £1,764.46 thanks to 100 of our  supporters.

The singing up really is simple to do, use this link so we can benefit from their referral bonus offers:


  • Co-op share number

If you shop at Co-op, please feel free to use our share number 112125. For every purchase at Co-op, the PTFA could receive 4% of the shop value.




It is not all about raising funds all the time.  The social events are equally important and give the children and adults the opportunity to enjoy many friendships.


The success is firmly based on the team spirit which is much in evidence at all the events, whether it is for fund raising or just as importantly a social event.  Many families have struck long-lasting friendships through PTFA activities.




You can leave a message with the school office and a PTFA member will contact you.  Or you can send an email to:




Our PTFA is registered as a charity which qualifies us to receive charitable donations and grants.


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