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Infants (Years 1 and 2)

KS1 welcome evening powerpoint

Autumn 2019 Curriculum Newsletter

Synthetic Phonics

Watch this video to hear how sounds are pronounced and taught in school.

Spring 2019 Curriculum Newsletter

Summer Newsletter 2019

Outdoor Learning.

The children are really enjoying their learning outside. From free flow activities and the daily mile to maths and RE.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3
Outdoor Learning 4
Outdoor Learning 5
Outdoor Learning 6
Outdoor Learning 7
Outdoor Learning 8
Outdoor Learning 9

Once Upon A Time..................

The children were excited to receive a letter from Red Riding Hood asking for their help to save Fairyland. They have been busy reading and writing fairytales. They have also been making porridge bowls for Goldilocks.

Porridge Bowls

Porridge Bowls 1
Porridge Bowls 2
Porridge Bowls 3
Porridge Bowls 4
Porridge Bowls 5
Porridge Bowls 6
Porridge Bowls 7
Porridge Bowls 8
Porridge Bowls 9
Porridge Bowls 10
Porridge Bowls 11
Porridge Bowls 12

The Lost Words

The children had a great week learning some of the words that have been taken out of the dictionary. They looked at acorn, bramble, conker and kingfisher. They had lots of fun writing poems, drawing and baking.

The Lost Words

The Lost Words 1
The Lost Words 2
The Lost Words 3
The Lost Words 4
The Lost Words 5
The Lost Words 6
The Lost Words 7