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Key Information

Please note that our school is on two sites. 

The Infants are situated at La Couperderie and the Juniors are at Burnt Lane.






Infants: 09:00 - 15:00

Juniors: 08:45 - 15:15


Please make every effort to ensure you child does not arrive at school before 08:30 for Juniors or 08:45 for Infants.  From this time on, the children come into school and go straight to their classes.


There is a Breakfast Club that runs from 7.50am. Please contact the school office if you would like your child to attend or click on this link to download a registration form.









  • Grey pinafore, dress or skirt (or blue summer dress)
  • Grey trousers (not fashion trousers, lycra or leggings)
  • Pale blue blouse
  • Royal blue cardigan or jumper with school badge embroidered 
  • Royal blue or white socks in summer or royal blue or grey tights in winter
  • Royal blue tie
  • Black leather shoes (not trainers)



  • Grey trousers
  • Pale blue shirt
  • Royal blue jumper with school badge embroidered
  • Royal blue tie
  • Grey socks
  • Black leather shoes (not trainers)

Polo shirts and sweatshirts are NOT part of our uniform and should not be worn in school.


For safety we advise parents not to let their children wear jewellery to school, and advise that watches should not be worn by young children and, if worn by older children, only at your own risk.  Only stud earrings are allowed and they MUST be removed for swimming.



  • White t-shirt
  • Royal blue shorts
  • Trainers
  • In winter, the children may wear a navy sweatshirt with the school badge embroidered and navy track pants (available from Game Changers or Fletcher Sports).


Reception children do not need a PE kit for the start of the September term.





If your child is unwell, please phone the school on 01481 222412 or email stating the reason for your child's absence.


Please note that if your child has been sick or has had diarrhoea, they should not come back to school until 48 hours after the last time they have been ill.


Only medicine that has been prescribed by a doctor can be administered to a pupil at school and a consent form will need to be signed by the parent/carer. The form can be collected from the school office and all medication will need to be handed in there.  Please do not pass on any medication to the class teachers/teaching assistants. Please note that you will still need to complete the consent form that can be found on our website and email it to the office at  If we don’t receive permission by the parent/carer in writing we won’t be able to administer the medicine.

Please note parents/carers are responsible for collecting and disposing of any unused medication from the school office.


If you have identified your child as having a medical condition e.g. asthma, please be aware it is your responsibility to inform the school and provide the relevant prescribed medication and a Doctors letter/Care Plan to the school. 


Medication kept in school e.g. inhalers/epipens – all medication will be returned to the pupil’s parent/carer at the end of the school year.   If your child still requires to have medication kept in school at the beginning of the new academic year this will need to be returned to the school office together with an updated care plan if there has been any changes to your child’s medical needs.  Please do not pass any medication to the class teachers or teaching assistants.


Bumps to head: If your child receives a bump or injury to the head, you will be notified in the form of a yellow slip.