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What the inspectors said about us

All States schools in Guernsey are regularly inspected as part of the States Validated Schools Self Evaluation (VSSE) programme, which is now in its fourth phase.  Notre Dame was inspected in October 2015 by Her Majesty's Inspectors (HMI) from Education Scotland and we were very pleased that the inspectors found:

"Across all stages of the school children are polite, thoughtful and very well behaved. Almost all children are clearly motivated by their learning. Staff are implementing approaches to cooperative learning to help make learning more active and to encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning. Children respond very well to these approaches and they are developing important skills in working together in groups and pairs. The school community has fully embraced implementing a Growth Mindset to developing children’s personal, social and emotional skills. As a result across all stages of the school, children’s confidence and resilience is improving. They are developing a ‘can do’ approach to their learning.


Across the school, there are examples of very strong teaching and models of good practice. Staff use praise very well to support learning and encourage children to persevere in their learning. Relationships between staff and pupils are positive and supportive, and as a result, children are motivated to learn and try their best. Staff are confident in the use of effective learning and teaching strategies which engage children in their learning. There are many opportunities for children to work collaboratively which sustains their interests and involvement in lessons. Children are skilled in working in a range of settings to complete set tasks and activities.


Senior managers, teachers and partners have a very good understanding of their children’s pastoral needs and how these impact upon their learning. They make learning active and encourage children to remain focused on their learning and maintain a positive and responsible attitude to learning in keeping with the school’s Christian values. LSAs across the school provide high quality support to children. They intervene skilfully to assist children whenever needed, often using their initiative to do so.


The rationale for the curriculum links well to the vision and values of the school. It places a high emphasis on reflecting the Catholic faith through the caring ethos and strong sense of community. The strong positive ethos sets a context in which learning activities take place. Children show a very good understanding of how faith impacts on their daily lives and shapes their attitudes and interactions with others. For example, helping attitudes, collaborative and cooperative approaches to learning are key aspects of learning. The school’s ‘golden rules’ reflect the meaning of learning together and faith. In line with States of Guernsey Education Department’s expectations, the curriculum aims to develop children’s capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens."


As a Catholic school there is a further inspection from the Diocese of Portsmouth which took place in November 2017.  Again we were very pleased that the report stated,


“Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Primary School is a school that works hard to ‘learn together, loving God’.   The community understand they live their mission statement out on a daily basis through their golden rules.

There is a strong sense of welcome and very good relationships exist between all members of the school staff.  All members of the staff are highly valued. 

Staff and children act as witnesses to their faith, through their support of one another and their support for local, national and international charities.

The children in the school demonstrate outstanding respect, behaviour and Christian attitudes in their relationships, with a clear sense of right and wrong. 

Parents’ views of the school are very positive.  A large majority of those responding to the pre-validation survey were complimentary about all aspects of school life.”

Both reports are available to download below.