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New Junior library is now open!

Our new junior library room has been decorated, carpeted and new lighting installed. The furniture arrived and then staff from the Schools Library Service will come in and help us set it up. So we don’t have much longer to wait before we have a library to be proud of! The new library is costing £20,000 which has been shared between the building fund (refurbishment of the room, new ceiling, windows, lighting and carpets) and the PTFA (shelving and other furniture)


Here, Guernsey Press reporter Helen Devonshire interviews some of our librarians while the carpet fitters were on their lunch break. (The article was published on 10th January 2013.)


his picture was taken the day before the furniture arrived.  We have since replaced the frosted glass in the windows with clear glass so everyone can enjoy the wonderful views!


Now the books are all in place and we are ready for launch.  THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible.

More to follow...........