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Hockey success!

Last Friday Year six participated in a hockey tournament at Footes Lane. We were split into two teams of the Leopards and the Cougars. In the leopards were: Marco, Fran, Dani, Ella, Edward, Olly, Sonny, Melissa and Mafalda.  

The team played four matches, the first 3 matches they played against Vale, Forest and Melrose ended 1-0 to the other team except St Martin’s where the result was 4-0 to St Martin’s, but they played fairly and they enjoyed the sunny afternoon out even though they came 8th.

However, the players of the Cougar were: Alexandra, Loren, Patrick, Caitlin, Seb, Lizzie, Keeah, Rory, Samuel and Matthew. This team first played Haute Capelles and the game ended in a score of 1-0 to Notre Dame. The second match was against Vauvert, as a result it ended 2-0 to Notre Dame. Next they played La Mare De Carteret and won 2-0 to Notre Dame. The next game was against Forest and the finishing score was 2-1 to Notre Dame. This meant they made it to the final against St Martin’s.

After a very exciting game, the final score was 4-0 to St Martin’s, but the Notre Dame Cougars still managed to come an amazing second out of the whole tournament!

Well done to everyone who took part, it was a really fun afternoon for all of year 6.

By Alex L and Loren M