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Admission to Reception, September 2014.

Closing date for admissions is Friday 17 January.  

The Education Department is changing its admissions procedures for primary schools and new application forms have been produced.  If your child is due to start in September 2014 (i.e. he or she was born between 1st September 2009 and 31st August 2010) please apply using the application form which you can download from the "Key Information" tab  (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page.)


Please return the form to school by  17th January 2014.

We are only allowed to accept applications from children who are baptised in a Catholic church.  If your child is non-Catholic and you wish to apply, the application will be treated as an out of Catchment application and needs to be made to the Education Department.  

We will be contacting the parents of all the children who have applied under the old system to ask them to complete one of the new forms.  It wil not be necessary for them to resubmit baptismal certificates if these have already been seen.

We do not anticipate having any difficulty accommodating children in our classes provided the applications are received before 17th January 2014.  

Further information about admissions is available on