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Religious Education

The School uses the ‘GOD MATTERS’ Programme approved for Religious Education in all Catholic schools in the Portsmouth Diocese.



The “Big Picture” Guernsey Curriculum has been completely revised from September 2017. Its four core purposes are to produce young people who are:
 Successful Learners
 Confident Individuals
 Responsible Citizens
 Effective Contributors
In order to realise these core purposes the Curriculum is dedicated to supporting the four core outcomes of the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) to ensure all our young people are:
 Healthy and active
 Safe and nurtured
 Included and respected
 Reaching their individual potential

The elements of the Curriculum which underpin this are:
 The Arts,
 Understanding English, communication and Languages
 Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding,
 Understanding the World of Work,
 Mathematical Understanding,
 Physical development, Health and Well-being,
 Scientific and Technical Understanding; and
 Religion, Philosophy and Ethics