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Infants (Years 1 and 2)

Welcome to Year 1 and 2!

Bob the Clown

Bob the Clown 1 Bob the Clown
Bob the clown came to school and was looking very sad. He asked the children to help him learn some circus skills to make him be a better clown. They helped him to feel happier and more confident. They hope that Bob the clown will come back soon to tell them how he has got on in the circus. 
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Maths Passport Launch Day!

On Friday 17th September, we had our passport launch day. All the children had to dress up as if they were travelling to the Channel Islands or something to do with the Channel Islands. The children made such a great effort with their outfits, we had tomatoes, cows, puffins and many more...


All the children were presented with their new maths passport by Captain Tom, a pilot from Blue Islands. We carried on the day with lots of maths games, puzzles and activities! It was great fun.

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The Book Bench!
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As part of the Literary Festival, we were given a story bench to use and enjoy. We had circus stories read to us outside by Ellie from Guille Alles Library on a lovely sunny day.